Are You Eating Enough Protein?

Protein is essential for all living organisms. Protein helps our bodies to recover, gives us energy and helps to keep us fuller for longer! If you are working out regularly, the most important function of a protein is that protein is composed of amino acids which are the foundation of your muscles. So how do you know if you are eating enough protein? Below are 8 side effects you may be feeling if you are not consuming enough protein.

1 – You feel weak working out

2 – You’re muscle building progress is slow

3 – You’re that burning has stopped

4 – You’re always hungry

5 – You experience muscle and joint pain

6 – You are taking a long time to recover from injuries

7 – You get sick often

8 – You struggle to concentrate for long periods of time

Whether you eat meat, you’re a vegetarian or a vegan there are many protein sources available to you. If you think you aren’t eating enough protein include more eggs, meat, whole grains, nuts, seeds, lentils, soy, beans, and vegetables to your diet. No matter what type of diet you follow, there are a number of ways to add more protein to your diet in a healthy and delicious way!

If you are worried about your diet and the amount of protein you are consuming, we here at Fitness in Abu Dhabi recommend you see a nutritionist. A nutritionist will be able to assess your current level of activity and the diet you are currently consuming and help you determine what you should be eating to reach your health and fitness goals. Luckily, Fitness in Abu Dhabi has found the best nutritionists and meal prep and delivery services in Abu Dhabi to one place so be sure to check out //


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