The Haddins approach to fitness is a little bit different. We are not your typical gym whose major focus is on selling membership and marketing campaigns, we pride ourself on genuinely believing in what we do and constantly striving to make a difference. Every person that participates in a Haddins programme can expect the same thing; quality programming, to be continually educated, to be engaged and most importantly to have a great time doing it.

Everyone of out bespoke workouts, be it individual or group based are expertly designed and programmed by the Haddins team under the watchful eye of founder Michael Haddin. The aim of these being to obtain maximum fitness impact in less time. Our whole body functional training sessions are executed by exceptional trainers who’ll supervise you step-by-step through 60 minutes of scientific full body fitness that works. A basic philosophy Haddins abides by is to help make exercise a sustainable part and way of everyday life and because of this all of our programmes must meet and abide by the ‘the Haddins 5 MUSTS to sustainable exercise’ criteria.

1. Exercise MUST be fun.
2. Exercise MUST generate the desired results.
3. Exercise MUST be time efficient.
4. Exercise MUST be convenient.
5. Exercise MUST maximise muscle usage.
If it does not meet this criteria, it is not at Haddins.


Zayed Sports City,
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates.

(+971) 2 403 4233