Sasha Quince, a Registered International Yoga Teacher from Canada, founded Let’sGo Yoga in 2010. Sasha conducts and facilitates Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, a styleunique to the UAE and only taught by Let’s Go Yoga, while sharing the following programs with highly qualified instructors, Heather McDougall, Kavitha Mathur and Nicole Adoranti: Power Vinyasa & Vinyasa Flow Group Classes, Pre-and Post-Natal, Mommy and Baby, Kids and Teens Yoga, Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha, Private Individual and Group Classes, Corporate Team Building and University Physical Education.

Let’s Go Yoga, approved by the UAE Sports Council, provides the tools and environment to foster an organic mind-body connection encouraging students to embrace yoga and follow their individual path to self-empowerment. Let’s Go Yoga invites students to move every joint in their body and lengthen and strengthen their muscles through various beneficial asanas (postures).

Yoga is a continuous journey greatly enhancing the quality of life for dedicated practitioners. It promotes enhanced strength and endurance, flexibility, vitality, serenity, balance, breath/body awareness and mental clarity. It starts on the mat and with time, its benefits are integrated into everyday activities and interactions with others. Let’s Go Yoga strives to introduce modern styles of teaching and a peaceful and comfortable space where community come and enjoy the true essence of yoga.

We challenge students to find equanimity not only in their practice but also in their life. Yoga is a continuous journey – we invite open-minds and endless curiosity to join us on our path. Please see Styles section for detailed descriptions of classes and programs.


Abu Dhabi,

(+971) (0)50 349 2336