10 Reasons Everybody Should Try CrossFit


CrossFit is intense, it’s challenging and it’s fun. Here are 10 reasons why Fitness in Abu Dhabi think you should consider trying it.
1. You’ll learn proper form.
2. Bored? Not anymore. CrossFit is made up of constantly varied, high-intensity movements.
3. Measurable results (that have nothing to do with the scale).
4. But that doesn’t mean you won’t look damn good.
5. Everything can be scaled and modified.
6. New workout buddies. Critics call CrossFit a cult, but anyone on the inside will tell you it’s a community.
7. Efficiency. If you’ve only got one hour to work out, CrossFit is your best bet.
8. The opportunity to right the wrongs of gym class humiliation. CrossFit gives you the chance to confront all the movements that troubled you from grades K through 12, all in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.
9. It’s like personal training, but more affordable.
10. CrossFit movements are functional.

Abu Dhabi has some of the best boxes in the world so why not try out a CrossFit class today at one of the listed gyms below?!

Vogue Fitness – CrossFit Yas
Arena Fitness – CrossFit Abu Dhabi
Peak Fitness – CrossFit One Peak
MProve Fitness


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