Catering to all levels of fitness

With the fitness industry beginning to mature and people now being able to identify the different types of fitness on offer, Vogue Fitness is putting a large focus on becoming the best CrossFit and integrated fitness provider in the UAE.

We don’t spend time looking in mirrors, or standing on scales, instead we focus on movement, performance and intensity.

– Patrick Hegarty, Director, Vogue Fitness

“We have a goal of becoming the best CrossFit gym in Abu DhabiDubai and Ras Al Khaimah [RAK],” says Patrick Hegarty, Director, Vogue Fitness. “We also put a big emphasis on banning all steroids or performance enhancing drugs to help create a cleaner fitness culture in the UAE.”

What distinguishes Vogue Fitness from the other fitness centres is the results. “We don’t spend time looking in mirrors, or standing on scales, instead we focus on movement, performance and intensity,” explains Hegarty. “All of our classes are coached by one of the best coaching teams in the world.”

Vogue Fitness’ aim is to teach clients lifelong habits they can practise on their own, anywhere in the world. “We educate our clients while getting them unrivaled results and having lots of fun in the process,” says Hegarty. “We have achieved results for our clients such as them losing over half of their body weight, coming out of depression, reducing their insulin dependency, and becoming highly positive people.”Nutrition plays a key role in any health and fitness journey and educating members on nutrition poses a huge challenge for Vogue Fitness. “People often think drinking a litre of orange juice per day is good, when the opposite is true due to the high amounts of sugar,” says Hegarty.

Vogue Fitness offers bespoke personal training in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and RAK. It also offers home personal training where trainers go to you, as well as swimming personal training. A large US fitness consultant recently informed the gym that they rank in the top three CrossFit gyms in the world from the metrics that they use.

Vogue Fitness hasn’t raised its prices since opening in 2014, and doesn’t intend doing so. “We aim for quite the opposite — we always ask how much more value we can drive into our memberships without raising the price,” says Hegarty. So far, the gym has included in memberships, access to its biometrics network for free, wearable technology platforms, multiple facility access, more classes, more programmes, more variety, all at no extra cost.


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